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Le Foyer Membership
Single Adult - $20.00 per Year
Family Membership all adults 18+ living in the same household - $25.00 per Year
Life Members - $250.00

Membership Form

Fill out the following for each adult member of your family desiring to join Le Foyer.



Le Foyer is organized for the purpose of promoting and developing spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural, economic, civic and national activities of Americans of French descent.

I hereby apply for membership in Le FOYER and, if accepted,

I agree to abide by its rules and regulations. I certify that I am of legal age, who is in accord with the purpose of the organization (Article II).

In support of this application, please submit one year’s dues.

Family $25.00/yr _________ Single $20.00/yr ____________ Life Membership $250.00 ____________
Address: _________________________________________
____________________________________________ Phone # _____________
email address: ________________________________________________


Thank you for your interest in joining Le Foyer through this non-binding conditional application.
There are two types of memberships available. A Regular single person membership cost $20.00/year. There is also a Family membership available that covers all adult over 18 y/o living in the same household for $25.00/year. The dues renewal is collected yearly during the month of December.

We would encourage you to consider joining into a Family membership. This allows both you and your spouse to full participation in all our club activities, to become involved in committees, to organize programs, to seek positions on boards, run for office or elect to become a director on the Scholarship committee along with participation at our quarterly dinners for a discount.

We will be sending you a copy of our most recent Newsletter. We are sure you will find it interesting and that you will look forward to receiving it each month.

You have been accepted conditionally for the remaining months of this year with full privileges. Applications received after June 30th of the current year will be granted extended membership ending in December of the following year.

So, Welcome aboard, make yourself known and introduce yourself to the President at the next dinner meeting!

Roger Bonin
President, Le Foyer

Le Foyer membership form in PDF format

Mail to:




    Updated 22 December, 2008

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